A Life Worthy of the Gospel: Phil. 1:27-30

Pastor Brian Guinto from Reformation OPC in Olympia, WA preached on November 24, 2019 from Philippians 1:27-30 and Job 1:6-12. One key point from this sermon was that all things come from God – suffering included. God is not “out to get you”! Your faith grows in your weakness (His strength), and we do not grow alone, but together (with other believers). Another point was that we’re commanded in 365 instances in the Bible to not be afraid – so surrender to God and trust Him!

Outline points:

  1. Standing together
  2. Suffering together

Lord’s Day 36 was read.

On the next Lord’s Day (December 1, 2019), the Lord’s Supper will be celebrated and there will be a fellowship meal prior to the service in one of our homes. Please email John or Terry to find out more details as we’d love to fellowship with you there!

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