Matt. 28:1-10: He Is Risen!

Rev. Benjamin Davenport from the Bellingham URC preached on April 21, 2019. A key principle from this sermon was that Christ is victorious over all sin and death!


  • I. Introduction: Sunday – just another day? (vs 1)
  • II. The awesome (and terrifying!) scene at the tomb displays God’s almighty power. (vs 2-4; Matt. 27:63-66)
  • III. God sends the comfort of the Gospel (vs 5-6; Matt. 16:21; Lk. 24:36; Jn 20:19)
  • IV. We must respond to the Gospel (vs 7-10; Matt. 26:32)
    • A) The privilege of sharing the Gospel (vs 6-7)
    • B) The emotions of the Gospel: Fear & great joy (vs 8)
    • C) An encounter with Jesus – Lord and Savior (vs 9)
    • D) Jesus Himself speaks to His people (vs 10)
  • V. Conclusion: No grudge, no payback, only grace (vs 10)

The Heidelberg Catechism Lord’s Day 7 was read for the Confessional Reading.

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