Rev 22:12-17: It’s Unanimous – Come!

Rev. Dale Van Dyke from Covenant Grace Reformed Church preached on April 28, 2019. A key principle from this sermon was that the Living Water of life is free of charge, which is wonderful news because we are incapable of “buying” it!

Texts refferenced: Rev 22, Ps 36, Jer. 2, Is 55, John 4, John 16, 1 Cor. 10, Rom 6 & Ecc. 5

The 3-Fold summons to “come, and take!”

  1. The call itself (Jesus Christ is the source)
  2. Those being called
  3. Those doing the calling

The Heidelberg Catechism Lord’s Day 8 was read for the Confessional Reading.

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