Study Session #4: The “Ordo Salutis Pt. 2” Podcast

Rev. Mark Stromberg (from the Lynden URC) led the fourth study in the overview series of Covenant Theology. The theme continued the topic of Ordo Salutis (the order of salvation) started last study by Rev. Mark Vander Pol. The focus this session was on Regeneration. The key text for the study was Romans 3:9-18, which deals with the dead and hateful state of being mankind is in before regeneration and without faith in Christ.

Quick update on the church plant progress: there is another family that will be joining our church plant within the next couple of months, pending a move to the area! It is a great blessing and answer to prayer! Lynden URC continues to pray for us and the Lord’s work in Gig Harbor; this past session we had the opportunity to meet another family from the URC in Lynden who came down to show their support. Finally, please remember that we now have an account set up with the Lynden URC and are able to take donations for this church plant. Please contact us to learn how to give.

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