Study Session #5: The “Ordo Salutis Pt. 3” Podcast

Rev. Mark Vander Pol (from the Lynden URC) led the fifth study in the overview series of Covenant Theology. The theme continued the topic of Ordo Salutis (the order of salvation). The focus this session was on Sanctification and Glorification. There were many Scripture proof texts and Heidelburg Catechism supporting questions/answers throughout the study. One takeaway from the study is that our sanctification is both definitive (one time) and progressive (ongoing). Tonight was challenging due to weather and power outages over the local counties (including our regular meeting place), so we ended up meeting at the Whitt’s house – thanks be to God that we had that available!

Update: Lynden URC continues to pray for us and the Lord’s work in Gig Harbor; we appreciated seeing more Lynden URC members driving down today to meet with us and fellowship. Finally, thank you to all who have donated to this church plant – we have over $8,000 so far!  We have not had to spend much on renting the school space for our Friday studies, so we have quite a lot left for future work.  Please contact us to learn how to give.

From Lynden: the Lynden URC Council met this past week to discuss some future steps in the church plant. These plans are subject to change, but Lord willing, this is a hopeful plan:

  • The Friday evening studies will wrap up in February, 2019, with our own evening services to start in March, 2019. By January, 2019 we hope to know more definitely where these services will take place.
  • Remaining themes for these final four Friday evening studies:  Means of Grace: Baptism and Lord’s Supper (two evenings); Worship; Church Order/Misc. Items
  • Begin officer training classes (remotely) for any men interested in being elders and deacons for the church plant. These classes will begin in the new year, Lord willing. Until established elders and deacons are in Gig Harbor, pairs of Lynden URC elders (and deacons) will “rotate” their driving down to meet with us Sunday evenings. The remote training classes will be going through Mike Brown’s book Call to Serve.
  • Options for pulpit supply were discussed, and will be explored further by the Council and Steering Committee.




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