STUDY SESSION #2: Friday, October 26, 2018

Our second study session will be this Friday at 7 PM at Lighthouse Christian School!   Please come listen and ask questions!

Rev. Mark Stromberg will pickup where he left off last session working through an abbreviated “Christian Foundations”  course (roughly outlined below) and available in more depth here:

Christian Foundations Class

If you missed Study Session #1.  It is available to watch here:

Study Session #1 (October 5, 2018): Overview of Covenant Theology

If you have questions about the URCNA or this specific effort in Gig Harbor let us know or come talk with us at one of these upcoming sessions.
We will be adding two or three more study sessions this January/February.  Upcoming sessions are laid out below.  The content of each session may shift depending on how we progress each session.

Study Session #1 (October 5, 2018 – 7 PM):  Rev. Mark Stromberg 

Study Session #2 (October 26, 2018 – 7 PM):  Rev. Mark Stromberg

Study Session #3 (November 9, 2018 – 7 PM)Rev. Mark Vander Pol

Study Session #4 (November 30, 2018 – 7 PM)Rev. Mark Stromberg

Study Session #5 (December 14, 2018 – 7 PM):  Rev. Mark Vander Pol 

Study Session #6 (January 2019 – TBD): TBD

Study Session #7 (January 2019 – TBD): TBD

Study Session #8 (February 2019 – TBD): TBD

Lighthouse Christian School
The Cove Room
3008 36th St NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98335

FAQ’s in our original post here.

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