Study Session #6: Baptism Podcast

Is infant baptism biblical? Do you read the Bible as one connected story of redemption and the unfolding of the Covenant of Grace, or only loosely connected doctrines and covenants? These questions, and others, are discussed in this study session podcast.

Rev. Mark Stromberg (from the Lynden URC) led the sixth study in the overview series of Covenant Theology. The theme tonight was on paedobaptism with a focus on the continuity of Scripture from the Old Testament with circumcision and then the New Testament where baptism replaced it as the sign and seal of being in the covenant family/community. Some of the Scriptures included: Gen. 12; Gen. 15: 7-18; Gen. 17; II Sam. 7; Acts 16:11; Gal. 3:26-29; and Rom. 4.

The session began with an opening prayer by John W., and a few quick announcements on the church plant:

  • There are three more study sessions planned (Jan 18th, Feb 8th and Feb 22nd). The next three sessions will cover The Lord’s Supper, Reformed Theology of Worship, and Church Government.
  • Evening services will start in March, Lord willing. They will be held at the school where we are currently having the Bible study sessions.
  • Lynden URC continues to pray for us and the Lord’s work in Gig Harbor. There will be a fellowship meal at the Lynden URC on January 13 and they would love to meet attendees of the church plant and get to know those whom they’ve been praying for!
  • The deacons at Lynden URC are still overseeing all contributions for this church plant from both Gig Harbor attendees and members of the Lynden URC as well. Reminder that should this church plant not succeed, all unused funds will be given to other church plant funds from within the URC. We are very thankful for everything that God has done already for this work!
  • Please contact us for more information on the church plant in general or how to give.

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