Study Session #8: The Theology of Worship

When you think of the word “worship”, what comes to mind? Music? Worship leaders or a band? Choirs? How do you know if your view of worship is man-centered or God-centered? What are three main principles of worship in the Christian Church? Can we have instruments in the worship service other than a piano or an organ? This podcast deals with these and other questions regarding biblical worship.

Rev. Mark Stromberg (from the Lynden URC) led the eighth study in the overview series of Covenant Theology on Biblical Theology of Worship. Rev. Stromberg began with a discussion of what the Bible teaches is worship versus what we often see today in the modern church. Worship is for God first and foremost. Biblical worship is meeting with God before his heavenly throne/presence in a corporate setting (Ps. 100). The question we ought to be asking when it comes to worship is, “What does God command/want?” rather than what we prefer. The three main principles discussed in which the church at large views and conducts worship were the Regulative, Normative, and Dialogical Principles.

A book that was recommended to any interested in the topic of Reformed, biblical worship was “With Reverence and Awe: Returning to the Basics of Reformed Worship” by Hart and Muether. The following were some of the Scripture passages read or referenced: Ps 100, Heb 12, Acts 2:42; Acts 20, Eph 4.

The study was opened with a word of prayer from Elder Maas (from the Lynden URC) and a few announcements from John W.:

  • There is a possibility that Rev. Vander Pol may be able to come down for one final study on Church Government and miscellaneous topics/Q&A. (This study had been planned but canceled due to weather issues a couple of weeks ago, and now will depend on the pastor’s schedule. An email will be sent out if this is able to be arranged. It would be March 1st or 8th, if everything works out.)
  • We now have the brand new hymnals for use in worship, thanks to the support of the Lynden URC – it is very exciting as now all of the Psalms, hymns, and creeds/church documents are in the same book!
  • Evening services will start on March 10th at 5pm. They will be held at Lighthouse Christian School, where we are currently having the Bible study sessions. These will be full worship services, modeled after Lynden URC services, including the sacraments such as baptism and the Lord’s Supper (most likely the first Sunday of the month). Any who are interested in transferring membership from a current church to be under the leadership of the URC may pursue that when services begin.
  • The deacons at Lynden URC continue to oversee all contributions for this church plant from both Gig Harbor attendees and members of the Lynden URC as well. Remember that should this church plant not succeed, all unused funds will be given to other church plant funds from within the URC. We are very thankful for everything that God has done already for this work! 
  • There is a list of qualified candidates for the pulpit that are being discussed by the Lynden URC.
  • As we are a community of saints, we urge everyone to pray for each other, and for specific, personal needs and requests, not just the church plant as a whole. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have a personal prayer request and/or to find out how you can pray for others in the community. 
  • Please contact us for more information on the church plant in general or how to support the church plant.
Page 1 of “A Biblical Theology of Worship” from the Lynden URC.
Page 2 of “A Biblical Theology of Worship” from the Lynden URC.
Page 3 of “A Biblical Theology of Worship” from the Lynden URC.
Page 4 of “A Biblical Theology of Worship” from the Lynden URC.

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